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National GIS Steering Committee (NGISSC)
Latest News  Serving More Than 900 Users From 30 Government Entities And Private Sector…Launch Of The New Version Of The Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) Portal.     Under the Patronage of The President of The Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) …National Training Program Has Been Launched In GIS Techniques by GIStec.     Under the patronage of Dr. Mohammed Al-Amer, Central Informatics & Telecommunications Organisation host the GIS day 2012.     OGC workshop under the patronage of the President of the CITO Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Amer.     National training program have been launched in Geographic Information System techniques by a leading U.S. institution with the participation of 21 employee from 8 government agencies.     Training on the concepts of Geographic Information System for the Kingdom Organizations.   

To this effect the NGISSC has successfully accomplished the ‘Data Exchange Policy’ for use by data users and providers which acts as a binding deed for data exchange for parties involved and their agreement regarding exchange procedures and protection of data and data sources.

iii) Data Standards for Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI)

NGISSC in full awareness of the fact that at the foundation of any effective SDI, there is always a well considered framework of standards and policies around which the infrastructure is built. Hence the committee deemed it critical, that data standards are established and in place for BSDI, to ensure effective sharing, dissemination of conformable data resulting in user satisfaction amongst the stakeholders. National GIS Steering Committee (NGISSC) took the initiative to pass the directive to promote the use of standards for implementing various components of the BSDI. Standards followed by BSDI are officially mandated according to specifications stipulated by international organizations like ISO and Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Inc.

iv) Curtailing Duplication of Spatial Data

With a centralized database and development of applications for common use the Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) – Portal effectively curtails duplication of data and ensures cost, time and effort affectivity.

v) Enterprise License of Satellite Image

The National GIS Steering Committee (NGISSC) in its endeavors to streamline operations and cost reduction at national level has taken an intelligent move towards enterprising the acquisition of satellite image for the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) allows data users and producers unrestricted, organization-wide access to centralized satellite data and end user contract. All this for probably no more than one authority (i.e. NGISSC) currently pays for ELA attainment alone.

Agencies that adopt the ELA can achieve organization-wide satellite images much more quickly and at much lower cost than has ever been possible before.

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