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Latest News  Serving More Than 900 Users From 30 Government Entities And Private Sector…Launch Of The New Version Of The Bahrain Spatial Data Infrastructure (BSDI) Portal.     Under the Patronage of The President of The Central Informatics Organisation (CIO) …National Training Program Has Been Launched In GIS Techniques by GIStec.     Under the patronage of Dr. Mohammed Al-Amer, Central Informatics & Telecommunications Organisation host the GIS day 2012.     OGC workshop under the patronage of the President of the CITO Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Amer.     National training program have been launched in Geographic Information System techniques by a leading U.S. institution with the participation of 21 employee from 8 government agencies.     Training on the concepts of Geographic Information System for the Kingdom Organizations.   

CIO developed E-WayLeave Clearance System

GIS Directorate of the Central Informatics Organisation has developed the E-Wayleave clearance system that provides Wayleave clearance processing for the large and medium projects that needs an approval from several services agencies to start with the project. The Wayleave project provides a complete electronic solution for the concerned services entities (Electricity and Water Authority, Ministry of works, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Bahrain Telecommunications Company (BATELCO), Tatweer Petroleum, other public and private entities) which facilitates the process of issuing clearances for the excavation projects and decreases the time of the process to 5 days only. The e-Wayleave clearance system enables online management of the Wayleave request by sending the requests to the concerned entities and monitoring the status of the submitted and received requests by the application. With linking submitted and received requests with the Data and Geographic maps for the infrastructure. Application users can reach to all related Geographic Data with a consolidated version by using the BSDI portal to apply for wayleave request and for getting approvals. Requests will distribute to all the entities to evaluate and approve it. The system includes all updated Geographic Information frames on daily basis to facilitate the planning and decision-making. The system has been specialized to work depending on the workflow of all entities therefore its facilitates for the persons in-charge to segregate the applications internally on the engineers and experts and start with the application before sending the final decision to the applicant. Application has benefits such as ease of applying for a wayleave and reducing the cost and ease of following up and evaluating the applications and implementing transparency in the implementation stages of the application.
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